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Automate your Nonprofit processes with Salesforce CRM.

What you get


Need a one-time service? you got it.


Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound (SMART) goals.

Quick Turnaround

Receive prompt and timely results


Get visibility into progress and timeline at all times.


You are involved in every stage of the project; setup, build, and testing.


Businesses change all the time, we are ready.


We will equip you with the tools and resources you need, you know the "why" and "how" behind every feature.

About Us

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6570 Working Hours

oh man, that number calls for a vacation

40+ Completed Projects

Fundraising, Program Management, Case Management, Volunteer Management, Grants Management and many custom builds.

40+ Happy Customers

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11 Certifications

Application Architect, Nonprofit Cloud Consultant, Platform Developer I, Advanced Administrator, Experience Cloud Consultant, Sharing and Visibility Architect, Data Architect, Platform App Builder, Business Analyst, Administrator and Associate

500 + automations

Salesforce flow (A Declarative Automation Tool)

Trusted Salesforce Partner

Committed to your cause
Equipped with extensive expertise
Solutions tailored specifically for nonprofits like yours
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Present Elegantly To Donors And Supporters

We Make Numbers Speak For Your Nonprofit Activity, We Build With Reports And Analytics In Mind
Real-Time Data And Insights
Data-Driven Decision-Making
Visually Compelling Data Presentations
Evaluate Program And Campaigns Effectiveness And Impact
Improve Donor Engagement And Retention By Analyzing Behavior
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Automate Your Business Processes

Maximize Resources, Focus More On Your Mission
Streamline Operations; Save Time And Resources
Reduce Human Error, Ensuring Data Quality And Reliability
Expand Your Impact Without Increasing Administrative Burden
Enhance Communication With Donors Fostering Stronger Relationships
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Connect all your systems

Salesforce Integrates With Third-Party Tools, Consolidating Data And Becoming The Central Source Of Truth For Nonprofits.
Email Marketing Such As
Example : Pardot
Online Fundraising
Example : Classy
Event Management
Example : Eventbrite
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Drive Nonprofit Success With Salesforce Solutions

Program Management
Case Management
Volunteer Management
Grants Management
Drive Nonprofit Success With Salesforce Solutions image

History Of Interactions

This Consolidated View Streamlines Communication Management, Enhances Follow-Up Processes, Promotes Collaboration, And Nurtures Relationships.
History Of Interactions image

Track Gift Designations

Salesforce Transforms Gift Designation Tracking For Nonprofits By Providing A Streamlined Platform To Capture Donor Intentions .
Track Gift Designations image

What our partners/customers are saying.

Choosing Swift Cloud Consultancy as our support partner has proved to be a brilliant decision. Islam demonstrated a keen understanding of our unique processes and delivered scalable solutions tailored to our needs, helping us maximize the NPSP’s capabilities. His expertise and commitment have been invaluable to our success. Additionally, Islam is friendly, reliable, and always explains his work clearly. I highly recommend his services.
Ian Scarisbrick

Ian Scarisbrick

Referral Program Manager at GEO Nova Scotia

I had the privilege of working closely with Islam on several projects, and he was nothing less than amazing. He was generous with his time to discover the issue and provided several options for the problem presented to be fixed. He is very knowledgeable of the platform, and provides extra information to help with system efficiency. He is friendly, easygoing, and very understanding. He maintains an open communication and makes room to learn from him. I highly recommend Islam for your toughest Salesforce problems.
Barnabas Nixon

Barnabas Nixon

Technical Support Analyst at FlyingData Inc

Islam is one of the best salesforce flow specialist I have met, he is a smart , optimistic and very collaborative person, he always impressed me not just in the technical and analytical thinking, his capabilities , desire for sharing his knowledge is indispensable.
Sameh Alshabi

Sameh Alshabi

Salesforce Consultant at Ebicus

Islam has an incredible talent to quickly understand business problems and/or processes and provide effective, scalable, and innovative solutions. I have enjoyed working with Islam to generate solutions, specifically leveraging Salesforce Flow to automate processes, and will continue to work with him for future business needs.
Peter Larson

Peter Larson

Founder at One North Coast

I came across Islam's LinkedIn posts on SF Flows and strated following his content. I contacted him for help with structuring my flows, to my surprise he responded within an hour and without any hesitation took time to answer all my questions patiently. Islam is very knowledgeable and skilled in Flows. Thank you Islam, I really appreciate your flexibility and willingness to help others.
Hadasa Chakilam

Hadasa Chakilam

Salesforce Solutions Architect at Nordlid

Islams flow knowledge is outstanding. He simplifies his explanation to my skill level. Oh and his response time is amazing. Thank you Islam.
Eudora K Savage Rogers

Eudora K Savage Rogers

Salesforce Consultant at HigherEchelon

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